If you’re anything like me you waste hours of your precious crafting time looking at fonts! Browsing and downloading, then making your project and staring, endlessly, at your computer screen, vision going blurry, trying to pick out just the perfect font for this Silhouette or Cricut project. No that’s not the right one… maybe that one, put it aside… NOPE, DOESN’T WORK! Nothing works! Just to begin again, maybe after some sleep. Makes me want to cry just talking about it!

I’ve tried a few solutions to help me expedite the font-searching process; some work, some don’t, some make it worse… Well here is one that has worked for me, and hopefully it’ll help you as well. These 5 fonts pairs are some I use commonly on my projects. Many of these can be mixed and matched, which I also do often. I hope this help you a little.

I’ll be continuing on this font thought with some future posts of Holiday themed combinations. Leave me a comment with your favorite font or font pair that you love to use on your crafting, Silhouette or Cricut project.

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